We stopped for fuel while travelling through Klamath Falls on our way to Bend. Steam came rolling out from under the hood and when I checked, I had a small hole in the small by-pass hose. I got directions to a parts store and on the way saw a Jiffy Lube. I stopped to ask if they did that kind of work and was directed to this WONDERFUL place a few blocks away. We pulled in at 3:30 and were back on the road a little over an hour later. I would recommend these guys for any automotive repair they're willing to take on. Thanks guys.


So I read the first review and had to write my own. My Mechanic has excellent customer service. We've been taking our vehicles there for a few years now, and have never had a problem. Prices are reasonable, it's a small business (good to support), friendly people work there, the waiting room is nice, and they do a good job. We get our oil changed there routinely, and have had tune-ups and other services done. It says something positive about a business when they have a loyal customer base and you have to call for an appointment because they're busy (but not so busy they can't work you in).